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We offer permanent removal of unwanted hair through electrolysis. Christina Demulling is a Licensed Electrologist and member of the Oregon Association of Licensed Electrologist and the American Electrology Association. We provide safe and gentle hair removal treatments. Electrolysis, as a permanent hair removal solution has been tried and tested for decades and is also the only permanent treatment recognized by the FDA.


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We all desire to feel good about how we look. However, sometimes it is difficult to be positive when we have areas we would like to change like unwanted hair. If excess or problematic hair is something you would like to eliminate then electrolysis (permanent hair removal) can help to do just that. Get the confidence you want and deserve with this procedure that can remove your unwanted hair. Electrolysis can change your life in a positive way.

 Our Permanent Hair Removal Services Include:

    • Facial and body work for women, men and transgendered clients
    • Flexible hours and scheduling
    • Three modalities to remove unwanted hair: galvanic electrolysis, thermolysis and blend

Many factors contribute to the growth of excess hair. Among these are: heredity, normal physiological changes, malfunction of the endocrine system, medication, topical influences and stress. Our treatments using electrolysis will effectively remove any unwanted hair on your body.



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