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Why You Need A Professional For Permanent Hair Removal With Electrolysis

Why You Need A Professional For Permanent Hair Removal With Electrolysis

Unwanted hair grows on the face and other body parts. For, instance, there are women who grow hair on their chin and upper lip. This disorder is caused by generic inheritance, hormonal imbalance or illness. It is permanently removed through a process known as electrolysis.

However, the process fails to remove the hair completely in some people. This treatment takes a series of sessions for it to be most effective. The process involves passing electric current through a thin rod which penetrates the hair follicle and destroys the roots hence preventing further growth of the unwanted hair.

However, this treatment should be conducted by a professional. Before treating you, she will share a bit with you about your condition. She will reveal to you the right course and advise you.

Christina will address your particular case professionally. Unqualified people can remove hair in a without paying attention to your overall health and outcome.

A professional in this field is trained and will be consistent. Christina  will always provide professional care. She has been providing FDA approved permanent hair removal in Wilsonville, Oregon. Christina is an Oregon Licensed Electrologist.

She has Continuing Education courses to keep up on current information and to maintain her license so that you can feel confident you are getting the best treatment possible.

Is Electrolysis The Right Choice For You?

Is Electrolysis The Right Choice For You?

If you struggle with the constant, daily chore of removing thick, dark, stubborn hair that simply doesn’t want to be removed – then electrolysis could be exactly the remedy you are looking for.

Yes, you may have objections to what you think you know about electrolysis. Because of these objections, you may think that you are a poor candidate for electrolysis, or vice versa. However, it would serve you well to approach the idea of electrolysis with an open mind. It could be just the solution you have been longing for.

Here are just a couple of the benefits of electrolysis that can help you decide if it’s the right course of action for you.

First of all, it is by far the most effective record of results, when viewed in the long term. Electrolysis has the best outcomes when the effectiveness of different techniques is measured at various future points, such as one year out, five years out, and ten years out.

In fact, these surveys have shown that the further removed from the so-called “permanent” treatments you get, the more the gap widens between the efficacy of other treatments and electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the winner, hands down, every time.

Another radical benefit of electrolysis is that it works equally as effectively with all different skin types, all different pigmentation, and all different textures of both skin and hair.

The reasoning behind this higher success rate for electrolysis is that it does not target the coloring agent (the pigmentation) of the hair like laser treatments do, but rather goes straight to the root of the follicle. This not only creates a solution that is more generally effective, but also one that is more reliably permanent.

Because of this difference in technique, also, even those who have been told that they are a poor candidate for laser hair treatments can find great success with electrolysis! In fact, many times those who get the most drastic and fast results from electrolysis are those who have been told they are poor candidates for other treatments.

If you are looking for a permanent hair removal solution, particularly if other solutions you have tried in the past have failed you, don’t turn your back on electrolysis just yet. There is a good chance that, when you learn the realities about electrolysis and get past the myths, you will see that it is a great option.

How Electrolysis Works

Electrolysis in Portland Oregon, the permanent answer to all your unwanted hair woes

Electrolysis as practiced in Portland Oregon offers the best solution to your facial as well as over grown body hair. This technique works by using either heat or chemical energy to completely remove the hair’s growth origin.

How it works
An extremely smooth and needle-like surgical equipment makes a small incision into the hair follicle present on the skin’ surface. Once contact between the equipment and hair has been made, the hair is then plucked out using tweezers. Since hair grows back naturally, frequent visits to the electrolysis specialist will be required until all the unwanted hair has been permanently removed. Once treatment is complete, the hair will have been permanently removed.

The procedure for laser hair removal on the other hand involves using concentrated light from the laser to permeate the hair follicles. This light is then absorbed by pigments usually present in the follicles and completely rescinds the hair within them.

Benefits of electrolysis over laser hair removal
· Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis causes very minimal discomfort to the patient during the procedure.
· While patients recovering from hair removal are required to avoid direct sunlight for a period of six weeks before and after the treatment, patients of electrolysis are free to go about their daily routines for the duration of time before and after the treatment procedure. A patient’s exposure to the sun renders laser hair less hair removal less effective compared to electrolysis and more often than not, patients have been reported to experience complications following laser hair removal.

· Scientific evidence shows that electrolysis is a permanent hair removal solution that is safe as well as effective; regardless of the color of the patient’s hair or skin type. Laser hair removal on the other hand works best on black hair but is ineffective on blond, red and grey hair.

· Since hair removal is best for when the hair is at its growing stage, it is unable to remove all the unwanted hair given that less than 50% of the hairs on a human body are in their growing stage. Electrolysis on the other hand removes all hair, regardless of their growth stage.

· Electrolysis, unlike laser hair removal, has an extremely short recovery phase.

· Electrolysis not only removes hair permanently, it greatly enhances your physical appearance and confidence levels. It completely gets rid of the anxiety usually brought about by hair growing in some unwanted regions usually noticed by all.

· A single electrolysis treatment may take up to fifteen minutes whereas laser hair removal may take up to an hour due to its sensitive nature, accuracy and precision required.

Permanent hair removal is the best solution to get rid of those irritating unwanted hairs. It beats using razors and hair removal creams which are only effective for a number of days before their hair grows back again and you have to repeat the entire procedure again. This can be quite annoying especially if you have a busy schedule. Permanent hair removal takes care of all this. What’s more, it is effective on particularly sensitive body parts such as the face and unlike ordinary shaving; it does not leave you with marks or bumps!