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We have been trying to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time.

The History Of Electrology

We have been trying to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time.

Before 1875 electrolysis did not exist. Many temporary methods of dealing with unwanted hair where employed from pumice and quicklime to elaborate potions and poultices, but the results were always disappointing to the users. The hair came back!

Then in 1875, Dr. Charles Michel, an ophthalmologist, was experimenting with ways to remove the painful ingrown eyelashes of his patients. He would insert a fine wire, which was attached to a battery, into the hair follicle and then release a small amount of current. He found that the current which flowed into the hair follicle destroyed the hair forever.

Electrolysis had been born, and the thousands of men and women plagued with unwanted hair could now be helped. What once appeared to be a hopeless situation now had a solution.

From then until the present , electrolysis had stood the test of time. It is fully accepted by medical doctors and is recognized as the only safe and effective form of permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis Techniques


which is the oldest, is a chemical method that utilizes a direct current to convert normal body salt and water in the follicle into a compound capable of destroying the dermal papilla. The chemical is  produced only in the follicle and does not affect any other area. One probe or several probes working simultaneously can be used during this process.


is a method that uses a high frequency current to produce heat in the area influenced by the current. This heat cauterizes and destroys the dermal papilla.

Two variations of  Thermolysis are “Flash” or “Automatic” Thermolysis which uses a split second impulse of current and “Manual” Thermolysis which requires several seconds at a lower intensity to achieve permanency.


is a method that combines both currents together in the same probe. Thermolysis enhances the action of galvanic method to produce a faster process. Your electrologist will select the best method for you based on your hair type, skin characteristics and sensitivity. His/Her choice will assure you the greatest maximum comfort and permanency for your hair problem.


The Benefits of Electrolysis

Compared to most other methods of hair removal electolysis is a rather pleasant process. There is very little if any ongoing maitanence. Depending on the hair very few sessions may be needed. With electrolysis after treatment care is minimal. Electrolysis can be used on all types of hair. All skins types respond well to electrolysis. Also, it’s cost is less compared to other permanent hair removal methods.


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Professional Service! She takes time to explain the process. Stick with it and you will get results. I’m very happy with my experince.


Christina makes electolysis as pleasant as it is going to be with ther friendly attitude and professional demeanor.

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Friendly, fast, effective

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Five Stars *****

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